Selling Tips

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Congratulations on choosing Juste Land as your preferred agent to market your property.

We have examined some of the most common situations that our owners have experienced when their property was on the market. We are aware of what you are going through and we will help you to prepare for these situations should they arise.

The main goal is that we want you, the consumer, to have an excellent experience with us at Juste Land as we strive to have you as one of our long term clients in the future.

Your agent would assist you in dealing with some of these common challenges:

Challenge 1

“Another agent contacted me and said that they have a buyer.”

Challenge 2

“Should I accept the offer that came in the first week of marketing?”

Challenge 3

“ ...what should I do during home inspections?”

Challenge 4

“How often should my agent contact me?”

Challenge 5

“Should I accept the offer?”

Challenge 6

“I am not getting any inspections or offers! Should I modify the price?”

Challenge 7

“Advice or influence from third parties, eg. Neighbors, lawyers, friends”

Challenge 8

“There is a stranger at my door.”

Challenge 9

“I only want to know the good news.”