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Quay Riverina @ Footscray

        Riverina @ Footscray










Quay Riverina not only herald a new standard in luxury for the community of residents, it signify a bright new chapter in the history of Footscray.

Serendipitously perched on the banks of the Maribyrnong and on the fringe of Melbourne CBD, Quay Riverina’s location is just as important to the quality of life enjoyed by residents as the thoughtful sophistication of life within its borders. With easy access to the walking trails and bike paths that wend and wind their way along the riverside, health and happiness reign in this community where indoors and out are given equal consideration.

Within Quay Riverina’s apartments, openness and convenience define daily movements — from floor-to-ceiling windows that break down the barrier between outdoors and in right down to the quality fittings that contribute to the overarching sense of ease. Spacious living areas that extend out onto generous balconies further contribute to the impression of openness that seems to extend right out into the horizon, in these apartments where life is lived against the everpresent backdrop of a glittering city skyline.

While apartments in warm, neutral tones and pleasant textures constitute private sanctuaries where residents can always be assured of peace and tranquility, communal amenities designed for the enjoyment of the entire Riverina community allow ample opportunity to connect and converse with friends and neighbours.

No matter who you are or what your mood, Quay Riverina and its home in Footscray will always offer up promise of retreat and sanctuary; comfort and convenience; a home that understands and caters to your needs. Here, in the Gateway to the West, lies your passport to happiness.


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