Domain House @ South Melbourne
The Star Residences @ Gold Coast
Melbourne Square @ Southbank, Melbourne
Paragon @ Queen St Melbourne

Core Beliefs


Our First Responsibility is to our Clients;

so we must constantly strive to improve and add value in our client servicing, aspiring to achieve the highest standards of moral conduct in all our business dealings.


Our Second Responsibility is to our Associates;

towards their success, advancement, personal growth and development.


Our Third Responsibility is to our Junior and Senior Partners;

who are the pillars of the company, and to whose success and well-being we are committed.


Our Fourth Responsibility is to our Staff;

who are committed to deliver a ‘Zero Defect’ service, and for those who qualify there must be opportunity for advancement and growth.


Our Fifth Responsibility is to our Management;

who have to be innovative and ‘Team Work’ focused.


Our Sixth Responsibility is to our Community;

encouraging us to participate in the promotion of civic improvement, health and education of the society